Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Team

Congratulations to Hadi Saei, Olympic gold medalist in Taekwondo!


homeyra said...

Hi from Tehran.
Thanks and congrats for your project.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,
I too congratulate you on your project. I am a great lover of the Iranian people and Iranian culture as homeyra can attest. I recently returned there after 30 years absence to find that I loved it even more than before the revolution...and so many old friends came out to see was amazing. Iran has been so effectively demonized by the Western media that most Americans picture it as Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia as Iran when nothing can be further from the truth. Please visit my website at when you get a chance. The main concern I have is preventing the US government from starting a war on Iran. The motives of our administration are far from benign but all about recolonizing Iran with a new puppet. Despite whatever shortcomings, faults and deficits the government of the IRI may have at least I was under the impression that Iranians are in charge of Iran now which was not the case in the 1970's.

I wish you every success with your photo exhibit,

Brian H. Appleton
Rasool Aryadust