Sunday, August 24, 2008

Democratic Convention: Day One

What a day we're having!

Around 9 am, when the structure had only been up for a little more than an hour, a man came by to tell us how upset he was by what we're doing here, and announced that he planned to come back with dynamite to destroy the exhibit. One of our staffers struck up a conversation with him. Within ten minutes, he had changed his viewpoint completely. He said he had never stopped to think about the fact that Iranians were human beings too. As he left, he said he wanted to go tell all his friends to come visit us, since he thought it would be interesting for them to see what we're doing.

Well, I guess we've made a difference for at least one person!

There is an article in this morning's Rocky Mountain News about the installation. It was posted online around 7 this morning, and already there are more than a dozen comments about the show. Click on the title of this blog entry to see the article.

It should be an interesting couple of days here in Denver!